Customer Engagement 4.0

Customer Relationship Management

We support companies in effectively managing relationship with their customers, placing them at the center of all marketing, sales and assistance activities. We offer solutions with the CRM SaaS platform that allows you to integrate the solution with other processes such as Digital Marketing, Sales Workforce, Customer Service and more.

Support & ticketing

We integrate the Support & Ticketing system with Natural Language Processing and Robotic Process Automation algorithms, automating the management of ticket queues toward the second and third level Help Desk and possibly automatically directing the user to «how-to-use» content dedicated.


We help companies in the creation of the online channel for the sale of services and products, through the SHOPIFY and NOPCOMMERCE platform, also improving Digital Branding by relating with end customers through digital channels and social networks.

Streaming & Media Content Management

We provide a solution that allows you to manage and distribute multimedia content (on-demand and streaming) worldwide and on any type of device, with access control and digital rights management (DRM).

Smart Assistant – Chatbot

Solution that allows you to interact in multi-channel mode (Browser, mobile, WhatsApp, messaging, social network..) with the customer or end user using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Languages Processing technologies.

Computer Vision Engagement

Within a predetermined space (shops, supermarkets..), we analyze, through cameras, the behavior of customers by integrating it with information relating to daily sales, products and their location, temporal trend, also as a function of existing promotions or commercial campaigns.

Business Intelligence

Using products from the most advanced players in the BI market (MS PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik..), we develop solutions that allow the collection of data from company system, both through native ETL tools and through middleware of our conception dedicated to the processing of large volumes of data also with the use of Machine Learning techniques.

Advanced Analytics

The collection of heterogeneous data in DATA LAKE structures and the application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques make it possible to find CORRELATIONS between data coming from system that are not connected to each other and to maximize the extraction of “data value” by introducing elements of What-if Analysis.

Business Process
Management Consulting

A solid experience in the field allows our consultants to help, guide, solve complex situations and give added value to the projects in which we are involved.

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