A package of solutions dedicated to IT Operation to address the real needs of businesses.

Because we know how essential it is to have a reliable and present partner, who supports the company (and internal IT) with comprehensive solutions or solutions dedicated to a specific business area.

ITOaaS (IT Operation as a Service) was created to provide timely support and eliminates the need for internal staff trained on every aspect (always evolving) of modern IT.


everything your customers need


The service provides and configures a tool that easily adapts to need, to manage all requests from a single portal, even on the move.

Device management

A tool identified to manage all devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) from a single console, to make control and assistance simple and effective (eg: Microsoft InTune)

Unified Communication

Solution that allows you to unify all corporate and Messaging communications, and manage them from a single console, possibly also integrating the telephone switchboard (eg: Microsoft Teams).


service infrastructure management


We use solutions to prevent and solve IT problems (once the preset thresholds are exceeded) through a console with thousands of sensors (also self-created by the system) that can be integrated into the NOC service 24/7.


Management of migration and/or virtualization of server rooms to Cloud Azure or AWS, to reduce waste of space and resources


Solutions that preserve your data (saving them on a scheduled basis and making them accessible in a few minutes) and your machine park (server and client) from any data loss.

Business Continuity

Solutions to protect your IT from adverse events by minimizing business interruptions and ensuring operational continuity.

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