Industry 4.0

Internet of things

Each object connected to Internet produces data whose acquisition and analysis generates value for the company. We have created an advanced monitoring solution that integrates heterogeneous sensors and, through the application of Machine Learning algorithms, allow us to process predictions and alerts on the behavior of complex systems.

Advanced Analytics

The collection of heterogeneous data in DATA LAKE structures and the application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques make it possible to find correlations between data coming from system that are not connected to each other and to maximize the extraction of “data value” by introducing elements of What-if Analysis.

Business Intelligence

Using products from the most advanced players in the BI market (Qlik, MS PowerBI, Tableau..), we develop solutions that allow the collection of data from company systems, both through the native ETL tools and through middleware of our conception dedicated to the processing of large volumes of data also with the use of Machine Learning techniques.

Product Data Management

We offer a PDM framework that allows the management of complex product structures and real-time “where-used” and “what-if” analysis thanks to the hybrid use of relational and graph-based databases. This solution, combined with our Business workflow Management proposition, allows you to manage the overall product life cycle.

Advanced Production Control System

We are able to provide dashboards and KPIs that allow to optimize management decisions thanks to the application of real-time and data-driven paradigms and to a precise work of data analysis from heterogeneous sources (ERP, MES, MRP..)

Business Process
Management Consulting

A solid experience in the field allows our consultants to help, guide, solve complex situations and give added value to the projects in which we are involved.

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