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Building collaborative relationships with industry leaders allow us to integrate their services and products in our digital strategy to further improve it. By this way, we can focus on our goals and optimize our productivity to offer the best solution to every business need and requirement.

Microsoft partnership

In Overace, cloud is an unmissable part of tomorrow. The great and rapid changes associated with the digital transformation that every company is experiencing are tightly linked to the adoption of cloud technologies. Thanks to the technologies offered by Microsoft, every company, at any stage of its transformation, can take this opportunity and transform ideas into solutions.


Today companies don’t just need to manage larger volumes of data, they need to generate insight from their existing data. In many scenarios (supply chain management, knowledge graph, network and IT infrastructures management, recommendation engines, identity and access management) the relationships between data points matter more than the individual points themselves. Among the various graph database products, Overace has chosen Neo4j for its position as market leader and for completeness of vision.

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